Simply keeping family generations connected

About Finerday

This video explains what

is all about. It will give you a brief overview of the whole site.

Registering your family

This video explains how to register your family on if you have an existing email address.

Helping a new user to register

This video explains how to help a new user, who does not have an email address, to register.

Why Finerday is all about keeping your family connected. This is a short promotional video.

About Memories

Memories is a key feature in finerday. This video provides an overview of the Memories section.

Reading and sending messages

This is a short instructional video on how to use the Finerday messages.

See your family photos

This video explains how you use Finerday to see the photos that you family share on the site.

Add a new Memory

Adding a new memory has never been easier. This video shows you the simple steps.


"In years to come we will look back and wonder how we got along without Finerday"

Edward P Gibson, CISSP, FBCS
Attorney – US; Solicitor – England/Wales
FBI (retired) 1985 -2005
Microsoft Ltd UK (former) Chief cyber Security Advisor 2005-2009
Director, Forensic Technology Solutions, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Washington DC 2010 -
“why on earth was something so blindingly obvious not developed before?”

Vic Keegan, The Guardian

"I must say that for myself and my immidiate family, Finerday has been a lifeline.
We have found the simplicity of Finerday outstanding.
I check Finerday everyday i would be lost now without it."

Tina, user


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